Rhythms Magazine Review - Chris Rhodenrijs

Michael Smith

Pretty much a solo effort apart from the odd bit of percussion and some harmonica as well as some harmonies from the record’s co-producer on ‘Rise Again’, multi-instrumentalist Rhodenrijs covers quite a few bases in terms of genre on You Can Go Home Now.

There’s a dash of contemporary country on ‘Head Lights’, where his acoustic picking comes to the fore in a gentle tirade at the extremes of politics that distract attention from the ‘dirty deals in dirty places’ (we’re watching you, Adani!)

Rhodenrijs supple prowess on the acoustic is beautifully showcased on ‘Small Child Dancing’ and ‘Home’, the latter drawing its lyrics from the GPS directions from Canberra to Villawood, spoken with innocent clumsiness by 12-year -old detention Centre occupant, Nabil.

From just those two examples, it should be obvious Rhodenrijs has alot to say – about loss as well as quiet rage, about social inequity and private grief – but the messages are never forced. It’s up to the listener to engage or just dance along. Then again, we’re all too aware of the truth behind ‘Live By The Gun’, so perhaps it’s time to choose. Just choose right.

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